This site started as a response to the 2020 COVID-19 case resurgence in the United States as we approached the holiday season. The goal was to provide a classy, sarcastic, and humorous way to uninvite your guests. It generates a simple image to share, as nobody really sends virtual e-cards very much anymore. Please stay safe and keep others safe by not seeing them.


The site is almost entirely a static, pre-compiled single-page webapp built in Vue and Bootstrap. OK, enough jargon. Nothing is generated on-the-fly; the entire website and every single card is pre-built so that this website can be hosted as fast and cheaply as possible.

Fonts from The League of Moveable Type

What next?

I'll keep this alive as long as I can, though the joke will probably wear off pretty fast.


Please contact "youreuninvited" at "perrynaseck" period com. Any inquires related to advertisements, analytics/data purchases, or profits of the website will be ignored. This website does not make any money and never will.

Enough talk, create a card!